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Waters Corporation
Senior Experience Design Researcher
Greater Boston Area
I’m a seasoned user experience researcher and designer with 8 years of experience in UX, 6 years in eLearning, and over 10 years in front-end web development and design. I received my Master of Science in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University.

Interestingly enough, my bachelor's degree is in zoology and I worked for several years as a molecular biology researcher before I took the plunge into UX. As such, my UX research techniques benefit from my scientific experience and perspective and make me a more well-rounded user experience researcher.

As someone who uses active listening to interact with colleagues and diffuse challenging situations, I appreciate opportunities to make a difference. I'm also very friendly and my enthusiasm shows in my willingness to help others. If a colleague needs assistance solving a UX problem, I'm always there with a helping hand. I love presenting information in groups and at conferences, as well as mentoring junior UX professionals.