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Friday, May 10 • 11:15am - 12:00pm
How UX changes the world, One AI at a time.

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Panelists - Astrid Chow (IBM Watson Health), Juhan Sonin (Goinvo, MIT), Nicole Bradick (Theory and Principle), Dan Zollman
Moderated by - Mahima Pushkarna (Google AI)

Artificial intelligence, the science of making things smart, has been around for several decades now. In the recent past, machine learning - teaching algorithms to learn from data without explicit code - has brought with it the promise and acceptance of image recognition, voice assistance, and self-driving vehicles, to name a few. But as with every new technology even if we don't quite understand how it works, we adapt and change the way we work as champions for users of the products and services we create.

Join us in this panel to discuss how machine learning (and AI) is changing design and UX, what our new roles and responsibilities are, and how we can be champions for our users when designing ML-powered products. We bring together panelists from technology, healthcare, ethics and policy to examine the role of UX in building accountability and trust into ML-powered products, as they change our relationship with technology and with each other. In this session, we will try to arrive at baseline considerations in the UX of products that use machine learning. Attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of how UX decisions can give shape to machine learning powered experiences, especially those with long-terms consequences for the daily lives of the people we design for.

We will cover:
  • The future of [Design] work
    How is artificial intelligence and machine learning changing the way we design? What lessons can we learn from previous shifts in technological paradigms that have yielded positive outcomes? What are the new considerations and responsibilities that we must contend with as advocates for the users in the products we design?

  • Designing Ethics into AI-powered UX
    What role do we expect UX professions to play when it comes to ethics, policy and the consequences of using ML in the products that we design? How do our patterns and journeys create avenues for accountability and trust while providing control to our users?

  • From humans, by humans, for humans
    How can UX create a bridge between complex black-box technologies and users? What strategies can UX adopt to minimize bias and ensure a neutral and fair experience of ML and AI for our users? What UX infrastructure and literacies must we create to ensure that our users always come first?

  • Decision Making in the UX of AI
    What is the impact of UX in decision-making, both in product teams and for the user, in ML-powered products? How are these different for consumer and specialist systems? How do the consequences of design and UX decisions influence policy?

avatar for Mahima Pushkarna

Mahima Pushkarna

UX Designer, Google AI
Mahima is a UX Designer on the Big Picture Data Visualization Group at Google AI, which specializes in information visualization to make complex data accessible, useful, and even fun. She tends to wear many hats – UI/UX, visual design, strategy and design research - to create... Read More →
avatar for Nicole Bradick

Nicole Bradick

CEO, Theory and Principle
Nicole Bradick is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Theory and Principle, a legal technology product design and development firm. Nicole and her team work with global law firms, foundations, and legal technology companies to build innovative digital products related to law... Read More →
avatar for Astrid Chow

Astrid Chow

Senior UX Design Lead and Researcher, IBM Watson Health
avatar for Juhan Sonin

Juhan Sonin

Creative Sandpaper, MIT, goinvo
juhan@mit.edu, 617.504.3390Creative Sandpaper, Digital Shipper, Healthcare Wonk
avatar for Dan Zollman

Dan Zollman

UX Strategist, Independent
Dan Zollman is an information architect and UX strategist living in Boston, MA. His interests in purposeful, ethical, and systemic design have evolved through his experiences practicing IA and UX in complex organizations including Vanguard, Tufts University, and the Commonwealth of... Read More →

Friday May 10, 2019 11:15am - 12:00pm
4 - Republic A/B

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